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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese term for the universal life energy. “Rei” denotes something mysterious and sacred, the universal and transcendental spirit; “Ki” is used to denote the Universe vital energy. Reiki can then be defined as a system that channels the cosmic energy that is behind all life. This universal life energy has been called in different ways in each culture: Ki in Japan, Chi in China, Prana in India, Ruach in Hebrew, Light for Christians, Baraka for Sufis, Manna for Kahuna, Ka for Egyptians, Orenda for the Iroquois Indians, ether or bioenergy for the scientists, etc. Chi is an omnipresent energetic substance in the universe that has nutritional properties and also has the consciousness of cellular reorganization, so that it contributes to the trend towards reorganization and harmony for the atomic and molecular structures.


Reiki as a therapy is a system of healing, self-healing and bioenergetic rebalancing through the healing Universal Energy transmission by laying on of hands. When the body is unbalanced, it vibrates at an inharmonious and abnormal frequency which prevents the normal cellular functions development and the general functioning of the system. Reiki energy harmonizes and rebalances the energy flow in the physical and subtle body, acting simultaneously on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It works directly with the patient’s energy field, channeling the healing energy of love into their subtle bodies and their Higher Self, restoring and harmonizing their system and showing them the way to health, joy, integration and love.


What can you do with Reiki?

Relieve physical pain

With Reiki you can unlock energy knots that are causing physical pain, due to any external cause (blow, injury, internal inflammation, etc.). In this way you can quickly treat headaches, stomach-aches, bruises, cuts, inflammations, bone pain and many more.

Relax the body

Thanks to the balance of the energetic body, the Reiki provides a complete relaxation of the physical body with a consequent total well-being of the person. The Reiki establishes the correct functioning of the internal energy flow, providing calm and general tranquillity.

Quiet the mind

A Reiki treatment helps you to be silent for a while, to take a break, a moment for you in which you are taking care of yourself. It’s an easy and pleasant form of meditation. As you are healing the physical body, you are also working on the breath and this helps you to focus, pushing your thoughts away and bringing peace to your mind.

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