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Hypnotic regressions

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Many times we find ourselves in difficult situations or painful emotional moments of our life and we do not know which way to choose to heal ourselves. Sometimes it’s difficult to discover the causes of such a conflict or simply it’s not within our reach. This is the time in which we can appeal to hypnotic regressions. This technique is based on the investigation of our unconscious: through regressions we can access that part of our brain in which we store all those memories that we forgot, or at least we wanted to forget.


Our brain is made up of three parts: the conscious, through which we live our daily life, the one that allows us to ratiocinate and use the five senses, the part with which we basically do almost everything; the subconscious, which is that section in which we store all the knowledge acquired through the conscious and which shapes our experience (for example driving, showering, washing dishes, etc.); finally the unconscious, where all those experiences are stored and for different reasons were forgotten, or rather they were removed from the conscious part because it was too painful or not useful. When we access the unconscious we can access unknown information that may be the cause of a current conflict.


Hypnotic regression is an extremely deep relaxation through which the therapist guides the person to enter that unconscious part in order to discover that forgotten memory that causes the current conflict: together with him/her the therapist modifies it in a conscious way so that the healing can happen. During this relaxation the person is always awake and aware of what is happening, as well as remembering everything once the session is over.

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