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Crev method

Heal and find yourself with the Crev Method. We all have the potential to heal and grow as human beings with the right tools and professional support.

Let me ask you a few questions!

Do you constantly feel bad?

Do you feel pain and often get sick? And does this make you having problems at work or with your partner or family?

Are you sad and depressed?

Are you tired of having constant emotional slumps? Do you have enough of anxiety and depression?

Does impotence overcome you?

Do you feel like you can't control your own life? Or like you don't know how to get out of this situation? Do you feel that you don't understand why certain things happen to you?


Building a better reality is possible and it begins with oneself, with our interior… our little world, our reality!

What can you get with the Crev Method?

Recover your physical well-being

Thanks to the work on the energetic body, the Crev Method allows to heal pain, discomfort and injury of all kinds. With a series of therapeutic tools that work on the subtle bodies, it helps the body regain its natural ability to heal itself and helps you regain the strength to overcome a disease process.

Balance your emotional side

Emotions are the main cause of physical and psychological discomforts: understanding and managing them allows you to modify your entire world, since by transforming them you also transform the energy of your daily life and your life events. This process helps you to bring fresh air to your everyday, balancing your pisco-emotional state in order to manage your entire life in a more relaxed and conscious way.

Dig deep inside

Through a continuous therapeutic process, the Crev Method allows you to go deep into those parts of you that need to be discovered to be healed. It’s a journey towards self-knowledge to be able to accept and love yourself as you are and feel better about yourself every day more.



Let me tell you more about the Crev Method

When we face a moment of crisis or discomfort, where anxiety reigns and stress traps us in its evil claws, everything becomes more difficult and nothing seems to help us. But when we decide to deal with the problem, when we decide that it’s enough to be wrong, that we can no longer do it, that we need to do something…then something starts to move: the inner force. My working methodology, the Crev Method, enhances this strength and allows me to make the most of it in order to get out of this situation of anguish, discomfort, overwhelm and stress. It is a complete methodology that works Being in its entirety, relying on two fundamental pillars: by one side physical and energetic health, alleviating physical symptoms, by the other hand psychological and emotional well-being, offering accompaniment that allows us to recognize our own emotions and learn to manage them to be aware of our mind and our heart at all times. What helps people most to advance in their own process is awareness of him/herself, and this is where the Crev Method emphasizes. The main objective is that each person discovers his/her personal way of self-healing and that therapy is a mere accompaniment in the discovery of their own essence, their excellences, qualities and capacities. At the same time that it works the awareness of the Being, to know him/herself deeply, it enhances the self-esteem to cultivate the inner force, engine of everything. The Crev Method works according to a few very simple concepts, which you simply have to understand and experience:


1 – Every human being is unique and different, that’s why we are all valuable


2 – Every human being has unlimited potential


3 – Limits do not exist, only our mind creates them


4 – The unexpressed emotions make us sick


5 – We all co-create our reality (together with others)


6 – Gratitude generates abundance


7 – Fear takes you away from your happiness and chains you


When someone understands, absorbs and practices these principles together with a therapeutic accompaniment, something wonderful happens: he/she begins to enjoy life and understands happiness as an attitude and not as a goal.


I have accompanied many people on this path and I discover every time more that being happy is much easier than we imagine and more and more people are proving it.


Working everyone for our own happiness will make us change the world through love and understanding.





I must confess that years ago, whoever spoke to me about alternative therapies, I always looked at them with a little skepticism and disbelief. I always believed that there is an explanation for everything that happens to us and despite “not believing” at first, there was something inside me that told me to open my mind. I spent some time on the sidelines of all this, believing that this has nothing to deal with me … until one day someone very close to me spoke me about Lorena, Reiki, and a whole world that seemed to me complicated and unknown. But life brought me sad stuff: I needed help and I found it in Lorena. The Crev Method has made me see things inside me, it has helped me to believe in myself, not to judge, to respect and to seek the path of my inner peace. It hasn’t been easy, in fact I am still working on it, trying to put into practice everything I have learned, which is not little, and every day I look for the best way to be myself and to be happy with myself. The road is still long, but I have come a long way thanks to the Crev Method… I grow and evolve a little more every day.


I had the great opportunity to carry out various therapies and each one of them left me wonderfully enchanted by the professionalism and human quality that I perceived. I can only thank Lorena for her patience and involvement. He accompanied me in this process of evolution, fully understanding my rhythms and my needs. I highly recommend her!


I didn’t know what I was doing in this world and I needed a light to guide me: when I least expected, the Crev Method opened my heart and I saw things from another perspective… Thanks to this now I am what I am.


Thanks to the Crev Method I managed to transform my life since I have discovered the origin of obstacles and difficulties in my life. It also provided me tools to overcome them and thus have a better life quality.


After completing the Crev Method with Lorena, on top of getting the tools to manage the reasons why I embraced it, I got to know unknown aspects of my personality that prevented me from developing happily as a person. I encourage people to try it, it helped me a lot!


I’d like to talk about my experience with the Crev Method and with Lorena Giocasta. When I sought help, I was very emotionally weakened, with anxiety attacks that came to me while I was shopping or on the subway, which hurt me and were growing. One day I went to a talk about anxiety and I identified myself with the method proposal. Step by step this thing that became enormous inside my heart and that made me feel bad, suddenly calmed down. I believe that the best decision a person can take is be happy. I have succeeded and I want to see more people smiling on the street.

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