The Biopsychoenergetics works in depth the energy body, helping you to👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Relieve aches

Working the energy at all levels and in depth helps to heal ailments, diseases and any type of physical and energy problem.

Recover energy

It is a deep cleaning of all the energy layers that allows to remove all that stagnant, blocked and low vibration energy, to be able to recover vitality and strength.

Heal emotions

As a result of deep cleansing, emotional blocks are worked at an energetic level, allowing us to express them and release them to heal in depth.

This technique was developed by Prof. Livio Vinardi, physicist and university professor in Argentina and USA. His specializations in Electronics, Physics, Electroacoustics, Microwave and Radiation led him to a very deep knowledge of human energy, while his spiritual journey led him to merge science with spirituality through this wonderful discipline that is Biopsychoenergetics, which includes many techniques and exercises. What is used as a mere therapeutic instrument in the person is Healing or energy healing.


The body has many energetic centers and each one of them has a specific vibratory frequency. Thanks to healing through Biopsychoenergetics, we reestablish this same vibratory frequency allowing the correct functioning of the energy centers. Furthermore, we respect the different biorhythms of the body, keeping them in their natural functioning, rebalancing the alterations produced by both external energies (electromagnetic fields, low frequency energies or bad vibrations) and by internal emotional or physical imbalances (food, sports, etc.). This way we act cleaning in a deep and effective way the densest energy and the physical part of the body, helping to alleviate pain and healing diseases, while balancing the emotional part and relaxing the being in all aspects.


This technique is executed through the hands and other complementary tools, such as biomagnetics or crystals.

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