Bach flowers

Bach flowers manage emotions by helping you to 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Reconize them

Become aware of what you feel and stop denying it, give it your space to express them.

Express them

Take out what you have inside, live and manifest these emotions without fear.

Balance them

Free yourself from emotional blockages and stagnations and find peace.

Bach flowers are essences obtained from plants through a procedure that extracts from them the energy vibration. The 38 essences that Dr. Edward Bach discovered and synthesized are therefore vibrational remedies, acting on the person’s energy field. When a person generates internally an emotional conflict, an energetic imbalance is created in his field and this, in a long term, can cause consequences on a physical level. Bach flowers act on such an imbalance, restoring the normal and correct functioning of the energy body, with an emotional harmonization as final result. They are remedies totally natural and do not interact with medications or anything else.

Their job is to help us become aware of such conflict or imbalance, recognize our own emotions, allowing us to express them and learning to manage them.

The 38 flowers treat different moods, emotions and personality patterns. Their synergy allows us to get very in-depth knowledge of oneself, as they enhance each other. Flower therapy is a very valuable ally both in physical-energy healing and in emotional management, self-knowledge and in the personal growth process.

There are two ways to use Bach flowers: take the flowers or do flower therapy.

When we simply take the Bach flowers, according for example to somebody’s advice or to herbalist or pharmacy suggestion, what we do is taking the remedy to alleviate the symptoms. For instance something very common, is to supply the Rescue Remedy (one of the essences of Bach) when anxiety occurs. As the 38 flowers work different emotional states there are many more essences to consider in an anxiety frame. Furthermore, taking flower without any therapy is acting only in a superficial way in our healing.

Doing flower therapy means making a path of awareness and self-knowledge. In the therapy we treat the causes instead of the symptoms, we use the flowers in a different way and we take advantage of their most potential. The balancing action of the essences is supported by a conscious emotional accompaniment. The person heals at a deep level, being able to express his needs, become aware of and internalize complex emotional processes. In short, he/she is the protagonist and at the same time the spectator of his/her own healing.

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