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Akashic records

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Human existence as we know it’s only a tiny part of what exists, existed or will exist. All of us are part of an infinite universe (or multi-universe, according to quantum physics) and unknown on its majority. The physical experience in third dimension separates us from universal consciousness, although right now, as human gender, we are in a very important moment of evolution: we are getting closer and closer to the understanding of the whole and to this universal consciousness. Thanks to this evolution path and to this new tools we have now the ability to access this information, so that we can continue our evolutionary path.


Among these tools we find the Akashic Records. These registers contain absolutely all the information of the universe at an energetic level, it’s like an immense library that exists in another energetic vibration and therefore in another dimension, which can only be accessed through a channel that is the reader his/herself. The reader of Akashic Records is a link between us and this information, which he/she receives thanks to the connection with our guides, entities from another dimension who guide and help us on our evolutionary path.


Having access to this privileged information can be a great help in the path of life, since we often lose our orientation. We can appeal to a reading of Akashic Records whenever we need a reconnection with our soul, with our purpose, or also when we feel lost in a situation, a decision to make or a personal conflict. We can ask these files all the information we consider necessary to get out of this conflictive situation or resolve our doubts. It is also a very powerful tool in personal growth, since the information that the Akashic Records possess belong to such a high plane that it’s capable of reconnecting our being with a higher dimension, therefore with our higher self, in addition to providing healing energy. For this reason we use records, as one tool more to evolve as human beings.


What we can ask the Akashic Records is not an answer to an existential doubt, as if it were an oracle, rather an orientation towards our true path: the cause or the purpose because of what we find ourselves in certain situations or relationships, what is our learning through these situations and everything that can give us clarity and understanding regarding an issue.


This tool is very powerful and works at a very high spiritual level, hence the energy healing. In addition to the help given to resolve situations or issues that we don’t know how to manage, it helps us to deepen our insight and our knowledge of our own being, raising our consciousness and promoting our evolution.

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