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About me

Lorena Giocasta

Energetic and emotional therapist


I always was a very nervous and anxious person. I was also getting worse after my father’s death, which marked a milestone in my life: a period of doom, depression and anxiety started for me. When I hit the rock bottom, meditation appeared in my life: it brought a path of light that I’m still riding today, which allowed me to know and RECOGNIZE myself, to deeply understand myself being able to get out of the tunnel and discover how wonderful life is, in all its aspects.

Eternal seeker, curious and knowledge-eager since I was a child, when I met natural therapies I knew that a long period of self-research was beginning, on the human being and life in general.

Although I didn’t realize immediately the precious treasure I was about to discover within myself, the constant interest in knowing more has motivated and pushed me to study and experiment on myself. So I started the most exciting journey of my life: the quest for my happiness.

Awareness was the engine of this process and suddenly an impressive and unstoppable strength arose in me: as a hurricane it devastated whatever was old, bad, rotten and stagnant in my life. I changed my attitude and decided to handle my life as I never did before. I passed from being a “victim of a cruel world” to being the creator of my reality and my own dream maker.

When I discovered what human being is capable of, I understood that my mission was to shepherd all those who feel now as lost as I was, helping them to find their inner light and their life path.


I started meditating and breathing, realizing that I needed to control and balance my energy. So I studied Reiki, which opened the way for a whole range of techniques that interested (and are still interesting) me a lot. I also studied hypnosis and regressions, reflexology, Akashic Records and Emotional Free Technique. All this until I came across the two tools that are now the pillars of my Crev Method: Bach flowers (with Biodecoding bases) and BISE (Integrative Base for Energy Sanction based on Prof. Livio Vinardi Biopsychoenergetics). With this method I developed based on my experience and sensitivity, I accompany people in their total healing, treating the energetic and physical body by one side and giving support and emotional release on the other one.

Since 2013 I have been working as an energetic-emotional freelance therapist, after several years of training and practice in different disciplines. In 2015 I opened the “Lorena Giocasta • Energy and emotion” integral healing Centre in Barcelona for three years, now I collaborate with other therapy centers, other therapists and mainly with online sessions and courses.

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