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Discover your inner potential

My accompaniment offers you a space where you can gain awareness of your growth process as a human being; a space where you can find all the necessary tools for you to discover what your needs are and learn how to satisfy them; a space where you will find constant accompaniment in your evolutionary process, be it emotional, physical and energetic. I offer numerous techniques and tools so that you can fully experiment your potential, heal yourself and feel good at all times, learn how to do it alone or if you prefer have always professional support. I work in a way that we together form a community of healthy and conscious human beings!

Do you need to feel better?

Are you in a difficult moment and do you feel you need a change in your life?

Tiredness, discomfort, pain? What’s the matter with you? I help you discover and heal it in a complete natural way!


You feel that something is not going well and you feel anxious or sad. Discover how it works and how to balance your emotional process.

Lorena-giocasta-reiki-flores de Bach

Have you lost self-confidence and the route of your life, do you feel lost and don’t you know why or how to solve it?


Looking for a new spark in your life that makes you feel alive and at peace?

How can I help you?

My mission is to accompany you to discover your inner light and let it shine!
lorena-giocasta-reiki-flores de bach

Reconnect with your body, take care of yourself inside and outside, to feel really good in your daily life! Recover the desire to do things and the energy you need to enjoy life!

lorena-giocasta-reiki-flores de bach

Learn to know, express and manage your emotions! Connect with your inner self and rediscover the wonderful human being you are. Recover your self-esteem and your strength to achieve everything you set your mind to!

lorena-giocasta-reiki-flores de bach

Discover the most subtle part of you, connect with your soul and get to know yourself on another level. Learn to raise your energy and your consciousness to unfold in this world with more ease and confidence.

Lorena-giocasta-reiki-flores de Bach

Through my courses and workshops you can learn many techniques to cultivate your knowledge, your interior and your spirituality at all levels. As well as learning to work in the wonderful world of holistic therapies.

How do we do it?

In my training I have many different techniques and tools to be able to treat the human being in all aspects, to be able to heal on an energetic, physical, psychological and emotional level.


I treat the energetic body in depth, cleaning and balancing all its parts through techniques such as Reiki and Biopsychoenergetics, helping you this way to regain your strength and physical health.



I accompany you to discover your emotions, to learn to recognize, accept and express them. Know your inner world to discover who you really are and learn to manage your emotions yourself with confidence and security.



I help you to see what is the filter through which you look the world, your limiting beliefs and your attitude. Learn how to transform them to change your reality.



I guide you through a journey of deep change under all the aspects so that you could discover your inner potential, your light and could also allow yourself to shine as you deserve! Recover love and confidence towards yourself! Overcome your fears and break your limits!



See what the women who embraced Crev Method say:

After completing the Crev Method with Lorena, on top of achieving the tools to manage the reason why I started the Crev Method, I got to know aspects of my personality that I didn’t know and that prevented me from developing happily as a person. I encourage people to try it, it has helped me a lot!


I didn’t know what I was doing in this world and I needed a light to guide me and when I least expected it, Crev Method opened my heart and I saw things from another perspective… Thanks to it now I am who I am.


Why me?

Life made me a human being expert thanks to my own experiences
I fell into the black well

For several years I had a lot of anxiety and depression, I had panic attacks and I was constantly getting sick, I know what internal and external pain is!

I got up again

They rescued me from that black well and accompanied me on a long journey into my interior where I discovered my true essence, my fears and my limits.

I deeply healed

I dedicated several years of my life, and still continue, to heal all my wounds in order to understand my suffering and free myself from it, shining again little by little.

I discovered my potential

I met again and discovered an unlimited being within me, capable of doing impossible things and I discovered that my mission is to accompany others to discover their own light!

My plural formation

My curiosity and hunger to learn led me to train myself in many techniques I’ve been able to practice in depth and merge into what is my Crev Method, to have maximum competence.

My sensitivity and sweetness

Customers say about me that my way of working gives them confidence and security, they feel sheltered and encouraged by my accompaniment. I like to express my tenderness and my love to people, especially those who come because they suffer and seek support.

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