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Pet Therapies

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I love animals as much as I love people, that’s why I do specific treatments for their health. The energy system of animals is very similar to our one, so it is possible to apply energy-emotional healing treatments to our beloved pets and in general to any animal. Natural therapies can help us heal our animals with physical problems (illness or surgery) but also behavioural or emotional ones. Thanks to the application of Reiki, Dowsing and Bach Flowers we treat different problems in any type of animal:

anxiety and stress

separation’s anxiety

jealousy and attachment


trauma due to abuse

accompaniment in new adoptions

stress by new family members (humans or animals)

firecrackers fear

– general behaviour problems

accompaniment in physical illnesses, surgeries and sterilizations

– accompaniment in old age, relief of symptoms

I do home checks and parallel treatment also for the owners.

Remember: your pet lives with you and everything that happens in your house and in your life affects him too, they are sensitive to all the energies that move in your house, so as you they need to be cared for in all aspects!


First session € 50

Follow up € 30



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